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Thread: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

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    Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    25th July....I was still not decided where to go for the weekend monsoon picnic with my Morbe Dam near Karjat or to my favourite Malshej Ghat road. Since last December (09) when I trekked the mighty Harishchandra Gad, I wanted to go the base village of Konkan Kada, Belpada (Valivarhe) from where you can have the breathtaking view of Konkan Kada from below. Ofcourse, visiting the place in monsoon makes the chances of gr8views very less! But still I wanted to feel the raw monsoon in that area.

    So I began the search for the road on wikimapia and to my surprise, I saw some places marked by people as "mysterious circle 1, 2, 3,..." and so on in the same vicinity.
    Here are the wikimapia images of these circles...first one I visited.
    Name:  Aerial_1.JPG
Views: 2246
Size:  82.8 KB
    Other two are in the same area...there are more circles which can not be reached such easily...
    Name:  Aerial_2.JPG
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    Name:  Aerial_3.JPG
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    After seeing the above images, immediately our destination was finalized. And our weekend drive started at 09:30am from Airoli...

    just after Saralgaon on Malshej road.
    Name:  Ratangad 013.jpg
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Size:  164.3 KB
    my son Adit and me.
    Name:  Ratangad 021.jpg
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Size:  200.0 KB
    Name:  Ratangad 023.jpg
Views: 2183
Size:  196.2 KB
    Good spot for families to enjoy the pure waters...
    Name:  Ratangad 032.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 039.jpg
Views: 3341
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    Malshej road
    Name:  Ratangad 040.jpg
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    After taking the left for Belpada, the first big river with rising water levels
    Name:  Ratangad 044.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 045.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 048.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 051.jpg
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    Snaps will be continued...
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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    Cool..bring them fast. Curious about those circles

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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    I think its man-made, those circles look like someone was marking something.
    Ride On!

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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    the first river...continued.
    Name:  Ratangad 052.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 053.jpg
Views: 1837
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    Name:  Ratangad 058.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 059.jpg
Views: 1766
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    Name:  Ratangad 061.jpg
Views: 1898
Size:  185.1 KB
    Beautiful road to Kumbhale & Belpada.
    Name:  Ratangad 065.jpg
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    Just after Kumbhale village, we stopped to search for the only circle which is close to this road and easily accessible. Few villagers knows about the circle but don't know why, how and when....
    Name:  Ratangad 074.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 084.jpg
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    And here we got the first glimpse of the circle..
    Name:  Ratangad 079.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images   
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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    awesome pics..

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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    Here are mor pics...
    Name:  Ratangad 083.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 086.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 087.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 089.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 090.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 092.jpg
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    Adit climbing the circle...
    Name:  Ratangad 094.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 098.jpg
Views: 1804
Size:  122.1 KB
    Further way to Belpada....remember by original objective of seeing the Konkan kada from here!
    Name:  Ratangad 113.jpg
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Size:  189.4 KB
    Name:  Ratangad 121.jpg
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Size:  201.9 KB
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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    Those look like those mysterious crop circles in the UK....
    Thinking that replacing one's camera will make one a better photographer is akin to thinking that a surgical procedure will cure impotency; the inability to see is as much a function of the mind as are a majority of the causes of impotency.

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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    Due to the heavy monsoon clouds, Konkan kada was not at all visible (this gives me an excuse to return here in September again!).

    See if u can make the outline...
    Name:  Ratangad 114.jpg
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    And keeping in mind the rising levels of the streams and rivers due to the continuous heavy rains, we decided to go back and splash in one of the streams on Malshej Road.

    Name:  Ratangad 141.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 149.jpg
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    Name:  Ratangad 152.jpg
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Size:  224.1 KB
    The school on the road...
    Name:  Ratangad 156.jpg
Views: 1676
Size:  202.1 KB
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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    Interesting log.
    Loved the greenery. nice pics.

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    Re: Aliens or Meteorites...You Guess it!

    OH ya even I was wonder what these circles were! Couldn't visit em on my recent trek at Malshej. Thanks for the pics though

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