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  1. Chetan Kulkarni

    Sikkim - Itinerary for Nature/Photography

    Hi, I have the below itinerary in mind. Day 01 Arrive at Bagdogra Airport & proceed to Gangtok. If time permits you can do local sightseeing’s. Stay in Gangtok. Day 02 Here one can either undertake an excursion to Baba Mandir, Tshangu High Altitude Lake, Optional - Nathu-la Pass Indo Tibetan...
  2. Chetan Kulkarni

    Sikkim and Bhutan in November

    Hi All, I have the following plan in mind for Sikkim and Bhutan. The dates will be early November. Day 1: Bagdogra to Pheuntsholing Day 2: Get all permits and proceed to Thimpu. Sightseeing in Thimpu Day 3: Thimpu to Paro via Dochu-La. Overnight at Paro Day 4: Drive to Chele La and come back...
  3. Chetan Kulkarni

    Suggestions for a 10 day trip in May

    Hi Folks, I am in a confused state currently. My family and I want to go on a trip in May. Key criteria to quote my daughter "There should be mountains, greenery and snow" :) Now I have considered the following choices: 1) Kumaon - Corbett, Pangot, Kausani, Chaukori, Munsiyari, Binsar, Sattal...
  4. Chetan Kulkarni

    Kumbh Mela 2015 - A photologue

    I had been to Trimbakeshwar for the Kumbh Mela's first Shahi Snan. These are the images captured there. Nothing much to post beyond that.
  5. Chetan Kulkarni

    Ajanta Ellora : A journey back in time

    Sometime in 5th century BC the creation of a monument started which should make all of us proud. The monument stayed hidden for centuries until a British officer found it and since it has come into the limelight. This is the story of that historical find.
  6. Chetan Kulkarni

    Ajanta-Ellora Weekend Trip

    Hi, This is a spur of the moment idea. I was thinking of doing a weekend trip to Ajanta Ellora from Pune. The plan is to leave from Pune to Aurangabad on Friday evening and return on Sunday evening. A few questions: 1. Are two days sufficient for seeing both places? 2. Are there any tour...
  7. Chetan Kulkarni

    Ladakh in May 2015 - A dream fulfilled

    Somewhere on the road a person (A) is having a conversation with his alter ego (B) A: You imagine a world of the dreams, you try to fill in all the beauty of that world into your mind and imprint it into your memories B: How could one ever acquire enough detail to make them think that its...
  8. Chetan Kulkarni

    5 days trip to Gujarat - Itinerary Suggestions Welcome!

    Hi, My sister in law wants to do a 5 day trip road trip by car from Mumbai to Gujarat in the first week of June. It will be three of them (husband, wife and 3 year old kid) Any recommendations on what can be done in this short span of time? I was thinking of covering Day 1: Mumbai - Vadodara...
  9. Chetan Kulkarni

    Ladakh and Zanskar - 2 weeks in May

    Hi, A friend's husband is posted at Leh and she has invited us over during summer. I am thinking of a 2 week sojourn to this much awaited destination. I would like to cover as much places as possible assuming I won't be visiting back very soon. I will hire a vehicle for this trip. For most...
  10. Chetan Kulkarni

    Bhigwan - The Bharatpur of Maharashtra

    Bhigwan Since I have come back to Pune a photographic outing has been on the cards. The original plan was to go to Mulshi for a sunrise shoot. On Wednesday, a friend asked if I am interested to go to Bhigwan or Veer Dam. I said I am happy to go to either places because that Veer would mean I...
  11. Chetan Kulkarni

    Diwali in Australia

    AUSTRALIA The Trailer When I came back to Australia in April 2014 it was a short trip for two months. So I came here with the clear objective of completing the work and going back to India. As fate would have it, 2 months became 6 and I was still here. With the Diwali vacation around the...
  12. Chetan Kulkarni

    Uttarakhand Itinerary Suggestions Required

    Hi BCMTians, I have received a request from my better half to plan a trip to Uttarakhand in October 2014. The things that she wants on the list are Badrinath, Kedarnath. I was hoping to include Corbett, Binsar, Munsiyari, Auli. Primary target is to enjoy the beautiful nature. Assuming I...
  13. Chetan Kulkarni

    R o y a l B e n g a l T i g e r

    royal bengal tiger Starring Bamera - The Ruling King Blue Eyed Boy - The New Pretender Bokha - The Old Recluse Rajbehra - The Shy Queen Banbehi Cubs - New Kids On The Block Aerial Photography By - CSE Dil thaam ke baithiye. Aapke saamne BCMT...
  14. Chetan Kulkarni


    Sydney - The First and Last Frontier When I had first visited Australia in 2008 I had gone to Sydney for three weeks. This time when my stay in Australia was coming to an end I decided to visit Sydney once more.
  15. Chetan Kulkarni

    Spiti - Chandratal - Manali trip in late April early May

    Hi, I am thinking of making a trip to Spiti -> Chandrataal Lake -> Manali in late April or early May. I have already covered Kinnaur (Sarahan, Sangla, Kalpa, Chhitkul) so I don't intend to spend a lot of time there. I need suggestions in terms of : 1. Suggested itinerary for 10 days (I will be...
  16. Chetan Kulkarni

    New Year Fireworks 2014

    Sharing my shots of the New Year Fireworks at Melbourne. Hope to see more of this year's celebrations.
  17. Chetan Kulkarni

    Great Ocean Road and Great Barrier Reef

    When you come to Australia there are two geological wonders you would want to visit. The Great Ocean Road and The Great Barrier Reef. I had a cousin come over from the UK to visit Australia. Obviously I recommended these two places. I had been to the Great Ocean Road earlier but the Great...
  18. Chetan Kulkarni

    A short drive to the Mornington Peninsula

    The Great Ocean Road is one of the premier attractions near Melbourne. It deserves a lot of attention and gets the same too. This road goes from Melbourne towards South Australia. However if you go from Melbourne towards the Southeast direction you go towards the Mornington Peninsula. This is...
  19. Chetan Kulkarni

    Tasmania : Explore the possibilities

    Just back from a 4 day trip of Tasmania in Australia. The punchline of Tasmania is " Explore the possibilities". It could not be far from the truth. This is a truly untouched place where you can drive for miles and not see a single car and see multitudes of wallabies, possums, wombats and...
  20. Chetan Kulkarni

    Melbourne: A short photologue

    As I finished work late yesterday evening, I looked at the sky and thought "Wow! Today is going to be a lovely evening". Although it was late in the evening I decided to go for a photowalk. I have recently bought a tripod in Australia but the brilliant mind that I have has been vacillating on...