1. F

    I need travel advices for my upcoming trip in Thailand.

    Two weeks from now, I will be visiting my Thai girlfriend in her country for the first time. We knew each other through an international online dating blog. She signed up because she was desperate to find a true love and I did out of boredom. Little did we know, it brought us together. For two...
  2. Joystan

    The Himalayan Ride 2017 itinerary help needed

    Hello All! I've been reading about experiences, tips and advices on and has been of a huge help planning and gathering inputs for my upcoming ride. Thank you so much for putting this site together and maintaining it. Let me introduce myself first, I'm Joystan Fernandes and...
  3. jjamwal

    New reference website for Himachal Pradesh for travelers

    Hello, I hope that it's not against the rules and it is the correct place for it. Using my free time over the last 4-5 weeks, I have made a website . I have kept it simple and primarily text based to keep it easier to process and also because I'm too cheap to...
  4. L

    Need advice on Hyderabad to Rishikesh road trip

    Hi I'm planning for a road trip on my bike from Hyderabad to Rishikesh in the last week of July, needed advice if it would be safe to travel now with the current weather conditions (as I have been hearing news of heavy rainfall and landslide in Uttarakhand). It would be great if you could help...