1. Roxx

    Unplanned Malshej Ghat & Nane Ghat, August 2019.

    Hi everyone, Malshej was on my mind... well, there are plently places on my mind.. my bike & me, we were much thirsty of a ride & adventure.. and there came 4 days of office holiday, 15th aug - 18 aug 2019. plus i got 2 leaves extra passed from office: 19aug & 20 aug 2019. now i had 6days total...
  2. Roxx

    AUG 2018, Malshej Ghat - Naneghat

    Hi all.. I wish to ride to malshej ghat and naneghat from Ahmedabad next month in August 2018.. please advise me if my plans need changes. Also its "rainy rainy" which will make me slow down.. i am mostly concerned about night stay. Day 1 & 2: ahmedabad to malshej Day 3 & 4: stay near malshej...
  3. Roxx

    Free halt/stay for bikers riding to/from Leh/Himachal..! (Private Room in Ahmedabad)

    Hello everyone... Roxx here from Ahmedabad, just renovated my room, got new tiles and so.. and i am thinking to help bikers by providing free stay or night halt at my home. I will try to provide free breakfast too, but cant promise as of now. Well, here it goes: -Room is on 1st floor with small...
  4. G

    Bike Trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back 11 Days 5100KM

    Hello Friends, I recently had a bike trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back to Bangalore from 23rd Dec 2017 to 2nd Jan 2018. Sharing the itenary i followed Always start early morning 23-Dec Bengaluru-->Kolhapur (620KM) Road awesome Started around 4AM from Bangalore and Reached Kolhapur...
  5. Sachin Jatkar

    Jaisalmer to Ahmedabad

    Travelled from Jaisalmer to Ahmedabad today. Took the NH68, NH168A, NH27 and then the Palanpur Ahmedabad highway. We started at 7am and reached at 4pm with about 45 mins of break. 20kms of road from Jaisalmer is bad with work in progress. Then again some kms of road after Barmer is patchy...
  6. vaibhavjain

    Delhi to Diu by Road

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to do Delhi to diu on 2 jan'16 in my swift diesel. want to start the year with a great drive and make this year a driving destination year for me. i will be travelling with my wife and daughter of 14 years. i have done ahmedabad to delhi via beawer - udaipur...