apache rtr 200

  1. Roxx

    Help identify cable, tvs apache 200 4v

    Hello friends, could someone tell me what is this cable for? i checked bike's parts catalogue and it's drawings, but its not in there. See the image, the cable I need to identify is in the box drawn. I haven't yet tried to disconnect and see what happens.. Thanks.. maybe I will disconnect it...
  2. roam_with_rd

    Delhi to Leh on TVS Apache RTR 200 (carb version)

    Hello All, I wanted to do Delhi to Leh bike ride on my bike RTR 200. My bike has completed 10,000 km total running. I just wanted suggestions from all the fellow riders and travelers that what kind of things which should be taken care on my Delhi to Leh ride. I am planing to ride in June 2018...