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  1. life1style1

    Roing-Hunli-Anini Circuit in Spet 2018

    Hello BCMTians, This is my first post in this group.\\:D/ I am planning a solo trip to Anini this month. The itinerary looks like this: 29th Sept - Tinsukia to Roing in shared vehicle. 30th Sept - Roing to Anini in shared sumo. 1st Oct - Anini.(If possible visit Mipi or Alinye). 2nd oct -...
  2. alb_trp

    Arunachal Pradesh in November first half

    Planning for a trip to Walong or Anini in the first half of November. Will I get ILP to these areas in that period? Else Which Circuit of Arunachal Pradesh is best covered in bike(1st choice)/car(2nd Choice) during that period. Itinerary could be for 8 days keeping a day in the buffer. special...
  3. vinodhs87

    Looking for co-travellers to Arunachal - First 2 weeks of November

    Hi, Me and my wife are planning to travel to Arunachal (either bullet or backpack) in the first 2 weeks of November ? Already working on the itinerary with help of Tapas. Anyone here who would be travelling to Arunachal around the sametime and want to tag along ? Thanks, Vinodh
  4. Avnish Sethi

    Guwahati to Tawang ( 21st October to 28th October 2017 )

    HI all :) I am reaching Guwahati Airport on 21st October evening.I am coming to Northeast for the first time. Earlier I was planning to cover mainly Tawang and some part of Meghalaya. As I read about Meghalaya and Tawang, I don't think so If I can cover both. And there is Tawang Festival also...
  5. Gunin

    Roadtrip to Walong, Arunachal Pradesh

    Firstly a glimpse of the road towards Namti plains in Walong: Background: Life has been has been very eventful for me in this year. Became a father. Got transferred from Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh back to Guwahati, Assam. New Department etc etc.. In all this, the traveller in me took a...
  6. sanuroxz

    The so called Most disturbed place in NE : Longding ,Changlang & Tirap

    As a mainlander we used to read such things sitting at home Security forces apprehend two NSCN militants in Arunachal Pradesh In Arunachal Pradesh, the Army owned up to killing an innocent civilian. What happens next? Nagas threaten indefinite strike in Arunachal Pradesh if Centre pays no...
  7. T

    ILP to Tawang

    hi, Need info on procuring inner line permit for Tawang. I read from other posts about getting permits either directly in guwahati or through post in Delhi. No info on what are the proofs to be submitted for kids. In this case we dont have passport/Aadhar will school Id work? Appreciate if...
  8. M

    Need help in planning a trip to Arunachal Pradesh on bike

    Hi, I am back on this forum after a long time. I recall people here really helping me plan some of the best trips of my life. Thanks again to all. I need to plan a trip to Arunachal Pradesh starting April 15th. We plan to take Rajdhani on April 15th, along with the bike, and then proceed...
  9. R

    Bangalore to Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh in Honda City - Need Suggestion

    Hi All, I am planing a trip to Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh from Bangalore. I have total of 24 Days (excluding 2-3 Days of buffer, which I will use when needed but would like to stick to the original plan). Need suggestions on below plan, places to exclude/include or anything else. I...
  10. unniks

    Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh in XUV - Drive to the abode of 3 of the 7 Sisters

    Idea I’ve been toying with the idea of visiting North Eastern states for last couple of years. My family was quite reluctant to allow me to drive to NE states. At last they allowed me to go in the year 2015. Add to this my Co-Brother (sister-in-law's husband) Ajay also wanted to drive to NE and...
  11. R

    Sikkim, Arunachal, Assam and Meghalaya

    Hi, We are planning for Sikkim and close to 7 sisters around April/May. Not sure if is the best time. tentative places like to target: Sandakphu circuit, east north sikkim, sohra circuit, tawang circuit, khaiziranga and some more places. Initial Queries: Is this good time to visit in terms of...
  12. sanuroxz

    Into the Tribe

    Aane Me : Are there tigers in the forest? Aane : These days they are very few.. Me : Where they all went ? Aane : Before so many years there is a big fiery tiger and a wild cow..Tiger used to attack the cow every time...Tiger loved to jump on the cow and used to bite its neck and scratched all...
  13. sanuroxz

    Its not just a Journey.... Its the Life I lived

    Day 5 : Tuting Name : Tallir Singh Location : Tuting Exact Location : Tuting to Jido hanging bridge Occupation : Civil Engineer Tribe : Aptani I parked my bilke near Siang hanging bridge and was crossing the bridge towards Jido.This gentleman asked me ‘You are from?’ . I replied...
  14. Madhurjya Bindass Axomia

    A Roadtrip to Mayodiya ( Sadiya - Roing - Mayodia - Tezu - Parashuram Kund )

    A roadtrip to a snow-capped tiny gateway to the Indo-China border, Mayodia Pass Mayodia,a unique hill resot situated at an altitude of 7000feet. It is named after Maya, a Nepali girl who missing in the snow and could not be traced out. Full travelogue, more photos and video coming soon...