backpack trip

  1. yami_frank

    Is This a good trip plan?

    Hi I want to backpack by myself around the south of India My main goals on this journey are to jungle treck, see some temples and go to an ashram. Money for the journey (flights apart) : 900£ Planning to stay 1 month. Arrive: 10th jan airport kochi. Leave: 10th feb airport Goa Stop by: -Munar...
  2. A

    Solo Backpacking to Chitkul

    Hi, I am planning a solo backpacking trip to Chitkul next weekend. Need help regarding itinerary and lodging. I am planning to leave Delhi on 21st Oct (evening) via bus. 1. First of all, is it advisable to visit chitkul during 21- 25 Oct? 2. I have this itinerary in mind. Is this reasonable...
  3. Sudersan

    Spiti Happened....!

    One hot day in May '15 i had a random thought.. Why not celebrate my birthday in Pangong Tso, with complete strangers for company and not one known soul....... A wise man once said, "life is what happens when we are busy planning something else"! True, if u d ask me..! The Milky Way spreading...