1. D

    Mysore to Chardham Yatra May-2021

    Hi, We are a family of four travelling from Mysore, 2021 May13th to May 27 to Uttarakhand,Chardham yatra. Like minded family can join us. for more details contact me on 970 166 1030 Or we can make combined arrangements from Haridwar to chardhams. We are travelling by train from Mysore to...
  2. murugas

    A trip from Kedar to Badri

    This is not the first time and definitely this will not be the last time also. It all started in 2010 year after year Himalayas pulls us like a magnet and we plan s trip during September and visit many places. This time it was a trip from Kedarnath to Badrinath in between we visited Triyug...
  3. V

    Haridwar to Auli/Badrinath Road Status

    Hi Guys, I am planning a Road trip on 16th November eve to Auli, Uttrakhand. Can anyone suggest what kind of road conditions will be there and what about the SNOW factor on Roads. Any other suggestion points are warmly welcome.

    Satopanth Trek- On the trail taken by the Pandavas.

    I call myself an avid trekker,but thats a debatable question as my friends argue that I am rather a pseudo one as I never accompany them on treks in The Western Ghats or to any nearby hill. However, trekking interests have always been inclined towards the Himalayas. My fondness towards them...
  5. Alpha

    Himalayan Wanderings: May 2015 - May 2017

    BCM Touring has been a constant part of my life since I joined his forum in January 2010. However for past one year, almost, I had stayed away from it, at times purposefully and while majorly wok pressure did not allowed. Further, health concerns and other issues also consumed my mind space...