1. M

    Hotel Sach Pass, Bairagarh

    Hotel Sach Pass It is located on Tissa-Bairagarh road, a few kilometre before Bairagarh. We had lunch at their adjoining restaurant. Apparently, it had many rooms, although we did not inspect any. It also has OYO affiliation. Contact : Mr. Rakesh Kuma 9817700011
  2. M

    Mannat Home Stay, Bairagarh

    Mannat home stay, Bairagarh We stayed at Mannat on October 3, 2019. Despite knowing about the presence of Chamunda hotel there, we opted for Mannat as we had spoken to the owner Mr.Rakesh Kumar before the start of our journey and hence thought that it’d be unethical to stay elsewhere, although...
  3. Gaurav Chopra

    Solo Two wheeled Rolling on the cliff hanger road

    The call from the Gods that be at Sach Pass had been ringing for a long time and somehow had not responded-but then finally couldn't stop myself and picked it up-I was invited to come see for myself this remote land and its biosphere. The timing coincided with the 15August long weekend-floated...