1. Hitman199710

    Dominar 400 stalls while idling in neutral with side stand down, Help me please.

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and i need your expert advice, so my Dominar 400 is not even 7 months old and there's a problem with the bike, u see it stalls while idling in neutral while the side stand is down, then the neutral light blinks and there's no gear indicator, it just goes blank, heres some...

    YAMAHA YBX 125. 18 years of ownership

    Guys I bought my first bike YAMAHA YBX 125 on 8 sept 1999.I learned the skill in this revolutionary 4 stroke motorcycle. YBX can single handedly take over Pulsar 150 TVS fiero and new and old 125cc motorcycles and of course the new super selling Honda...
  3. flaxman12

    Journey to lake rara [Nepal] from jaipur SOLO ON PLATINA 100CC

    Friends. again I have decided to go to nepal on motorcycle .this time I wanted to visit far western nepal [adjunct to Uttrakhand ] to condut a study on untouchebility . I have already done phd on nepali dalit political art and have been to nepal on motorcycle before.i started from delhi on 26...
  4. N

    My Discovery 125ST back tyre have to change Please suggest me

    Please suggest me anyone... I want to change my Discovery 125ST rear tyre with increasable width. I don't know the measurements of existing trye and i want to increase the width of my rear tyre... Please anyone suggest me... No problem about milage and i just want to install the best suitable...
  5. P

    New Avengar 220 DTS I Issue [ fuse gets blown up sometime after starting]

    HI All, I have a serious issue with my new bike , any help is appreciated a lot. its just 7 month old bike , i gave for 2nd free servicing in mid of december to khiviraj bjaj service station [bangalore]. and after 2nd servicing there was problem of oil licking i went they fixed something. after...