1. Revanth

    Travel partner for andaman and Nicobar Islands January 2018

    Will be traveling through the islands of andaman and Nicobar in the month of January after 1st week, plan is not confirmed. Looking for a partner to share the cost of travel. Flights from Chennai, can meet at the island if you are coming from different state. I have already traveled to the...
  2. Ride with Raj

    Tarkarli- a calm and peaceful destination

    Welcome to my first travel blog. It's not the first time i am travelling, but the first time I want to pen down my travels. Travelling has always fascinated me. It gives me a new wave of energy to rejuvenate myself from the daily hectic schedule of my life. Being an employee with a work shift...
  3. Pankaj Zarekar

    Kerala experts? Anyone?

    Any Kerala experts here? Need offbeat and non crowded photography oriented places list in Kerala. 3 days (6 days Pune to Pune) in hand with car.
  4. M

    Where to stay inGoa

    My friends and I are planning a trip to Goa in the coming months, and we want to make the very most of it! If anyone could recommend a few luxury hotels, resorts or lodges that’d be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  5. mahapatra.prabhanjan

    What is the Road status from Rameswaram to Dhanuskodi?

    Hi Friends, While researching for one of the road trips to Rameswaram. I thought off to drive to Dhanuskodi with beaches on both side. But as we all know after the cyclone of 1964, Dhanuskodi turned into a Ghost town, with no connectivity. Only the 4 wheel drives are allowed to drive there...