best route

  1. Joel Engberg

    Best route from Gangtok to Dhaka

    Hello! I'm a Swedish backpacker who loves photography and filmmaking. I've been planing on visiting Gangtok and making my way down to Dhaka this summer. Gangtok was recommended to me by a friend and I have little to no knowledge of the surrounding areas, so i thought i might turn to this forum...
  2. Roops

    Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai by Road

    Hi Friends! I intend to explore Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai by road with my wife & son and make it a lifetime memory of our family bonding. Days available for Travel 3+3 (3 days one way) and one week break in between in Delhi during the last week of June and First week of July'19. The tentative route...
  3. S

    Mumbai to Nagpur road status

    I did travel from Mumbai to Nagpur starting on 17th Feb 2018 & reaching Nagpur on 18th Feb 2018. Based on various feed backs online as well from some frequent travelers, I choose to take the Mumbai-Nasik-Dhule-Jalgaon-Akola-Amravati-Nagpur route. I guess, it was the best bet for this route...