1. A

    Bhedaghat - Khajuraho

    Hi, I would be traveling from Bhedaghat to Khajuraho on Dec 17th with family. What is the best route? Thanks in advance, Amol
  2. I

    Best route: Pune to Khajuraho

    Hello friends. I have planned Pune to Khajuraho to Bhedaghat trip in coming Christmas holiday. I want to restrict daily self drive travel to 600Kms. Please suggest best road (for faster travel) route from Pune.
  3. Alpha

    Bhedaghat - Amarkantak, January 2016

    I have always desisted from making plans for a trip in plains. Never bothered to do a one at least in summer months. Yet, Amarkantak had always occupied some mind space since year 2011 when I first came to know about it. Thereafter, I made several plans to travel but the 1100 kms distance that...