1. Montek Singh

    I want to know about the best road route from Bhopal to Kota.

    I've travelled from bhopal to kota (near Dec 2016) via Bhopal-Narsinghgarh-Bioara-Jhalawar-Kota . But on this route road condition was very bad (mainly Bhopal-to-Biaora and jhalawar-to-kota). Please suggest me a better route.
  2. anuj1975

    Agra to Bhopal by road

    Hi all, I am planning to do Agra Bhopal by road.Kindly advice on the latest condition of the road and best route to take with time taken. Thanks
  3. V


    Hello, I have planned for a road trip starting from Hyderabad->Nagpur->Bhopal->Jhansi->Delhi->Manali ->Shimla->Agra->Bhopal->Hyderabad starting on 15 Dec 2017 by Ford Aspire sedan. with 4 adults & 2 kids. will be starting from hyderabad around 05:00 PM after office. (will be starting with wife...
  4. S

    Bhopal to Delhi by Road - Need help about current road conditions

    I am planning a Bhopal - Delhi travel in my car this month. Here is the base route I am considering (obviously due to least distance via highways): Bhopal - Biaora - Guna - Shivpuri - Gwalior - Agra - Delhi Could you please guide me about current road conditions, traffic updates and any other...