1. nndp87

    Smile, you are in Kachchh

    Kachchh, as locals call it is situated in the state of Gujarat. It is one of the most important region in terms of economy (due to presence of 2 major international ports i.e. Kandla and Mundra), it's tourism, art, yummy dabeli, etc. The development came post a devastating earthquake in 2001...
  2. G

    Bike Trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back 11 Days 5100KM

    Hello Friends, I recently had a bike trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back to Bangalore from 23rd Dec 2017 to 2nd Jan 2018. Sharing the itenary i followed Always start early morning 23-Dec Bengaluru-->Kolhapur (620KM) Road awesome Started around 4AM from Bangalore and Reached Kolhapur...