bike ride to ladhak

  1. jj brothers

    Navsari (Gujarat) to Ladakh on Splendor Plus Bs6 - 97.2cc

    Hello Everyone..... I have done ladakh on my splendor bike. I entered in ladakh from Kashmir and exit from Himachal Pradesh. I have done full circuit. Now i am going to share my experience and photos that taken in trip.... Thanks. Its 2004 in my college days my friend said to me that we can go...
  2. K

    Bike Transport from New Delhi to Srinagar-Reg

    Hi, I am coming from Chennai and plan to take my bike to Leh Ladakh for my travel. My plan for transport is to send to New Delhi and from there take an overnight bus to Srinagar. The only buses that ply are by Jammu and Kashmir Transport Corporation(JKTC). Do these buses allow for bike transport...
  3. Abhishek Sura

    Bike transfer to Jammu Tawi

    Hi, I will be transporting my bike from Hyderabad to Jammu Tawi and our ride will start on Monday morning as a batch from Srinagar. I will be reaching Jammu tawi on Sunday morning. Now the question is that does the parcel office of Jammu Tawi will be opened on Sunday to collect my bike? Please...
  4. chidanand Gonwar

    Ladhak 2.0 June 2017

    First thanks to BCM forum for giving road status and details of places ... i have no experience in travelogues, this is my first post.. Heard of Places like Kishtwar, Killar, Pangi Vally..., Yeh i know most of you have heard and few of you have been there before. Believe me, nothing has...
  5. Bharath Bhandarkar

    Please help with Delhi - Kashmir - Leh - Manali Itinerary

    Hi guys, My friend and I are riding to Leh and back from Delhi. I have traveled to North India only once before, therefore, please have a look at our itinerary and let us know if it is feasible. The main objective is to experience the bike ride itself, and we are planning to come again & again...
  6. IceAge

    Mumbai to Leh / Ladhak in June mid week

    Hi friends, I am planning a Mumbai to Ladhak bike trip in june mid. Would like to get the suggestion of affordable stays in my route. Additionally, the route status etc Everything related to this trip. Route Mumbai - > Srinagar - Leh - manali - Mumbai