1. Hitman199710

    Dominar 400 stalls while idling in neutral with side stand down, Help me please.

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and i need your expert advice, so my Dominar 400 is not even 7 months old and there's a problem with the bike, u see it stalls while idling in neutral while the side stand is down, then the neutral light blinks and there's no gear indicator, it just goes blank, heres some...
  2. S

    Suggest bikes under 1.5-2lac

    Hello Guys, i am planning to buy a bike under 2 lac(can extend it, since will be going for loan and long time investment purpose), can you please suggest? i am 26 yrs old and 5.10height, want the bike both for long drive and to ride with in Bangalore City traffic weekends. Mainly for long drive...
  3. M

    Mid size motorcycle for Commuting

    Hi BCMians, How are you all?? I am writing to seek your advice on suggestions of a bike. I took time to convince my self that I am ready again to ride a bike. Now days, I am totally dependent on car comfort (owns a MS Alto and Toyota Yaris) Now that I'm 35 (wrong side of 30s) I feel drawn...
  4. KunthanRaj

    A Motorcycle Journey Into The Heart Of Sri Lanka

    A Motorcycle Journey Into The Heart Of SRI LANKA First of all I want to inform you all that i am Writing something online after 14 Years after I stopped Blogging. So please Bear with me. Do share your Feedback and suggestion. This will be more of a photologgggue than a travelogue ( But...
  5. A

    Trip to Leh

    Hello Guys, Planning for a trip from Chennai to Coorg from there to Leh. Can any one suggest me a better travel plan. Need a trip preparation plan. Note: I'm planning my trips through bike(Royal Enfield Classic 350cc). Then i don't locations there i need reply from ah experienced rider.
  6. K

    Our Spiti Peregrination !!

    Date of commencement: 28th May 2016 Date of completion: 8th June 2016 Riders: Amit Chauhan, Varun Choudhary, Kashish Khanna, Kartik Berry Route: New Delhi - Chandigarh - Shimla -Sarahan - Sangla - Kalpa - Nako - Gue Village - Tabo - Dhankar - Kaza - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum La - Gramphu - Rohtang...
  7. V

    Bike recommendation...Dominar 400 OR Honda CB300R

    Hi Guys, I am a new member at BCMTouring. About myself: Live in Mumbai, working in IT. Currently drive Pulsar 150 Dtsi, Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 4x4, TVS Jupiter. Am 42 Years old and have not have too much travel in last 8 years due to family commitments (my lovely daughter turned 11 couple of...
  8. seshadri

    Rent Motorbike for Spiti valley from Delhi

    Hi All, I would like to rent a motorbike (preference: Pulsar 200NS) from delhi to travel Spiti valley in october. Please suggest me from where I can get a good condition motorbike. Please be specific about shop name/person name.(I have already googled but didn't find any reliable option) Warm...
  9. K

    Bike Transport from New Delhi to Srinagar-Reg

    Hi, I am coming from Chennai and plan to take my bike to Leh Ladakh for my travel. My plan for transport is to send to New Delhi and from there take an overnight bus to Srinagar. The only buses that ply are by Jammu and Kashmir Transport Corporation(JKTC). Do these buses allow for bike transport...
  10. Liqued Gun

    Planning ride_(On Bike)Need Suggestion (Kochi - Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya)

    Dear RidersO:), Am Planning a ride (On Bike:cop:) on the month of November - December to (Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya). I need to know more about the Places, Restrictions, Routes & all. The main doubt that making me mad that's can I enter from Sikkim - Bhutan Boarder and exit through...
  11. Abhishek Sura

    Bike transfer to Jammu Tawi

    Hi, I will be transporting my bike from Hyderabad to Jammu Tawi and our ride will start on Monday morning as a batch from Srinagar. I will be reaching Jammu tawi on Sunday morning. Now the question is that does the parcel office of Jammu Tawi will be opened on Sunday to collect my bike? Please...
  12. KunthanRaj

    Timelapse Project

    This Year I have Started with a New Timelapse Project, Every Week One time lapse throughout 2018. I am Starting this Thread to share my Work and Get Feedback from you People. Incense Stick - 1 of 52 Timelapse Project My Daughter's 2nd Birthday - 2 of 52 Timelapse Project The Bund - 3rd of...
  13. Rajesh Upadhyaya

    Can I cover Leh Ladakh trip on CB Twister bike with Pillion rider?

    Hi Everyone, I am having a CB Twister bike which is in good in condition. Me and my best friend are planning to visit Ledakh by 110 CC Twister in june 2018. Is it possible we both can? with our baggages?=D>=D>=D> Tour plan will be:- I am planning to go to Ladakh from Chandigarh (via...
  14. I

    Need to know process to sale/scrap bike in Mumbai

    Hello everyone. I have a 2008 TVS Flame bike which is in bad bad condition. It was my first bike and yes it was decision in haste. Bike had many problem. When I bought it TVS was already in dispute with Bajaj over Engine design. Bike has served me well but I haven't ridden the bike much. Its...
  15. ßlåçk Pærl

    Ladakh in December- By Road

    Hello Friends, I am sure this won't be a new question in this forum. I am 100% determined to travel to Leh with one of my friend in December (22-31). I am sure 10 days won't be enough but I'm good even if it takes 8 days of travel and 2 days in Leh (Delhi-Leh-Delhi). I am completely aware of...
  16. A

    Anybody travelling to ladakh from Delhi via srinagar route on Sept 13?

    Hi guys, I am a solo rider, leaving to Delhi today and tomorrow from Delhi am planning to rent a bike and travel to leh via srinagar and complete the circuit back to Delhi by manali route. Anybody travelling on this particular dates?
  17. Pranav Parekh

    Need a travel partner for Spiti or Leh between 28 Sep to 12 Oct

    Hi Guys, I am travelling from Mumbai and have been planning a solo and a tight budget trip to Spiti or Leh between 28 Sep to 13 Oct. I am looking for a travel partner who can reduce the overall cost of the trip. My itinerary is pretty much flexible at this point. If you are interested...
  18. R

    Leh-Sriniagar-Keylong-Leh bike ride in September

    Hi. Need your thoughts on this Leh bike trip itinerary. We're planning to fly into Leh and rent a bike. From there, we're thinking of travelling to Pangong Tso -> keylong -> Kishtwar -> Srinagar -> Kargil and reach back to Leh. We have 9 days of driving time (landing in Leh on Sep 23 8am &...
  19. Karthik_Ram

    Mumbai - Leh - Mumbai

    Hi All I am glad I got to know of this forum through one of my relatives, and I found the articles and travelogues really intriguing and helpful. Me and a few cousins (4 of us in total) are planning on a road trip from Mumbai to Leh and back with an Avenger, Thunderbird and Hyundai Xcent, in...
  20. manav verma

    ladhak visitors

    hi I have two questions in my mind---- 1 ) How many bikers are visiting srinagar leh route and let manual route yearly.. winter and summer? 2) What are the common difficulties on these routes like budget stay , budget eateries . mechanics and any other you have experienced?