1. V

    Bike recommendation...Dominar 400 OR Honda CB300R

    Hi Guys, I am a new member at BCMTouring. About myself: Live in Mumbai, working in IT. Currently drive Pulsar 150 Dtsi, Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 4x4, TVS Jupiter. Am 42 Years old and have not have too much travel in last 8 years due to family commitments (my lovely daughter turned 11 couple of...
  2. Gaarg

    Advice on buying a car

    Hello dears! I want to ask your advice. I'm going to buy my first car. Budget 2.5-3 Lakh, not more. Of course, for a new car is a bit, but still... I looked after myself Renault Kwid, the car seems to be good, consumables are not expensive, reviews are good. What you think? A good car for that...
  3. S

    Tata Safari Dicor (2011 Registered) For Sale

    Putting my beloved Tata Safari Dicor (2011 Registered) for Sale. Odo Reading is around 1,10,000 Kms. Lot of memories, with heavy heart putting it on sale. Pristine condition, no repair done on the car, regular servicing only. Reason: Moving out of India. Asking price: 6,50,000 /- Contact...
  4. ßlåçk Pærl

    Tamron 70-300mm USM vs Nikon 55-300mm ED VR

    Time to get a 300mm (of course for distant subjects including wildlife photography) Last year, I was so keen to buy a Tamron/ Sigma 70-300 DI LD with macro feature which was/ is the cheapest lens ever introduced. It would give me a good 300mm range as well as macro (not interested in macro that...