car trip

  1. Accidental Rider

    A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore

    Prologue: I am normally a rider when I am not taking my family with me, Its time to post a travelogue of our recent car trip. It’s all started when Varun who is my team mate informed us the date of Sajo’s (Our Rider friend) and Teena's wedding which was on a weekend. Same day we started...
  2. kolkatarider

    Seeking travel partners for a road trip to MP from Kolkata

    I am planning a trip from Kolkata to Madhya Pradesh and back by my Nano car along with my wife. The trip is likely to begin on 15th Feb 2017, last for about 16 days and cover almost the whole of MP. I am looking for an elderly Bengali couple who are used to travel long distances by road, are in...