1. tusharxtreme

    The Middle Land- Spiti,June 2016, Video Log

    Hi Bcmtian's, Starting with a Video Log of the journey to the "Middle Land". Will be uploading videos of the Journey undertaken to the Spiti valley Circuit in June 2016. So here is the Day 2 of the Spiti Circuit. Part-1 Rampur to Kazigs Part-2 Kazigs to Nako Would be Updating as an...
  2. adyscorpius

    Sept'16: Spiti Circuit / Chandratal Lake on a Yamaha R3

    So its that time on the forum when I'm ready to create a worthy thread. Worthy, because while I've done several trips in the past, none of them match the level of experience on this forum. All those rides fall pale in comparison. But not this one. This is a travelogue of a trip that started at...
  3. Raminder_Singh

    Weird engine sound CBR250

    Hi, I have a 2011 model Honda CBR250. It started making this weird and very loud sound from the engine. It's so weird that I now feel embarrassed while riding :( I got this checked by Honda Authorized Service Center. By now, they have changed the chain tensioner twice, both rocker arms, shims...