1. Alpha

    Chanshal Pass – 12th to 15th August 2017

    Having covered most of the mountain passes howsoever high or remote, Chanshal Pass in Himachal Pradesh was never on my radar, never thought why? I was never inclined to cover Chanshal Pass earlier. But this time it was different. With Independence Day long weekend approaching, my mind worked...
  2. jjamwal

    Short Chakrata and Rishikesh Trip

    This was another short trip in which first half was spent relaxing and rest hiking a bit. Only posting some pictures with little description this time. If you want to read details, it's on my website. Rishikesh at night Paddy fields near Chakrata Grazing in the hills On hiking trail...
  3. jjamwal

    Rishikesh, Chakrata accommodations ?

    I may be going for 5-8 days trip to Rishikesh and maybe Chakrata or some other nearby place next week. Traveling by train and bus and no accommodations booked yet. I have already done Chopata Tungnath trek and don't want to repeat that. So I have following queries: 1) Any good place to stay...
  4. N

    Weekend trip to Chakrata

    Me and a friend visited Chakrata over the weekend sharing some pics from that trip
  5. vikasb

    Charming Chakrata to Challenging Chanshal.. Memoirs of Wanderlust

    Prologue: It was a sleepy afternoon of July'15. Weather was so hot & damp that even breathing hard was an effort enough to put you to sleep. Especially when your belly is full after a sumptuous meal and your muscles were too relaxed to bother about supporting your body weight. :drinkers: I was...
  6. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: Chakrata - Jan 2016

    My friend Gaurav bought an S-Cross and as soon as he did, we decided that she would not be a virgin for more than a week. So we went to a small and quick trip to Lansdowne during the following weekend (much to our respective wives' chagrin). After a month, during a daru party in Noida, we came...