1. gauravtalan

    Trek to Churdhar Peak. A new route. Its only a 4 hour climb now!!

    That's right. It took me trekking of only 4 hours to reach Churdhar from where I parked my motorcycle. Churdhar is a popular trekking destination in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It was early winters (November) of 2021 and I wanted to go for a short ride on my Dominar 400 before I sell...
  2. Sahrawat

    Churdhar ; Lesser but not the least

    It was nightfall, the last twilight disappeared behind the horizon, it’s was going to be pitch dark; I was above the tree line but not at the top where I intended to go. Chilling winds were biting cold at this altitude where I was standing all alone without a torch & without a direction. I had...