classic 350

  1. M

    Michelin Sirac Street 110/90 tubeless tyre touching issue for Classic 350

    Hi All, Recently I have changed my classiC 350 rear tyre with Michelin Sirac Street tubeless and had very bad experience because it's touching somewhere ,may be mudguard or swing arm . Asked to RE mechanic and he try to fix it by widing the mudguard and taken bike spring one level up. But still...
  2. Yogesh Chauhan

    Which Fog lamps for Royal Enfield Classic 350 and how to install?

    Hi All, I am regular rider of Royal Enfield Classic 350. I love Classic 350 however, I would like to install some good quality Fog Lamps by not affecting the performance of RF. Here are some queries which I would like to ask before taking any decision. Is it a good decision to install 'fog...
  3. M

    Brand New Royal Enfield Classic -350 Right Side Pulling

    Hi Everyone, I have got a new RE Classic 350.From the day of delivery i had noticed that the bike had right side pulling when i take both hands off the handle bar. I contacted the Service Center;the next morning i took the bike to them.I was informed that it was an issue with front tyres and...
  4. S

    Need help in choosing RE bikes?

    I am planning to buy Royal Enfield bike but confused with classic 350 or Thunderbird 350 .My daily commuting distance is 15 to 20 km and my height is 6.2 feet which one is more comfortable for me?
  5. R

    RE Electra 350 or Classic 350 ???

    First of all My greetings to all the Bulletzade here...Long live RE, Long Live Bullet Lovers :supz: Well today I heard about this website on YouTube while searching in-depth reviews about RE. The thing is I'm in love with this Beauty since the first time i saw it. I never thought of any other...
  6. jagdish_patil43

    Leh Trip From Mumbai (17th June to 1st July)

    We are planning leh trip which will start on 17th June from Mumbai and will end at 1st July at Chandigarh. I have shared plan here. Request you to provide your views. There will be 4 people on 2 Bikes (Classic 350). Need your guidence for the same. 1) We are looking for Ladakh Carrier. Where...
  7. Vik4290

    Need Suggestion which one is better Avenger Street 220 or Classic 350 for reliability & comfort

    Hi All, I am confused which one I have to buy Avenger Street 220 or Classic 350 in terms of reliability and frequent long drives. Budget is not a constraint. I go through various Discussion forums and have below findings. Classic 350: Pros: 1. Looks 2. Joy-full Riding 3. 350 CC Hulk on the...