1. R

    RE Electra 350 or Classic 350 ???

    First of all My greetings to all the Bulletzade here...Long live RE, Long Live Bullet Lovers :supz: Well today I heard about this website on YouTube while searching in-depth reviews about RE. The thing is I'm in love with this Beauty since the first time i saw it. I never thought of any other...
  2. Vik4290

    Need Suggestion which one is better Avenger Street 220 or Classic 350 for reliability & comfort

    Hi All, I am confused which one I have to buy Avenger Street 220 or Classic 350 in terms of reliability and frequent long drives. Budget is not a constraint. I go through various Discussion forums and have below findings. Classic 350: Pros: 1. Looks 2. Joy-full Riding 3. 350 CC Hulk on the...