1. danish.kagzi

    Mumbai - Coorg - Mumbai (Road trip)

    Hi, I am planning a road trip with my wife and 7 year old kid in 1st week of Oct. Destination is Coorg. I have finalised one leg of the journey, need suggestions for a place to stay while coming back. Day 1 - Leave Mumbai and stay at Hubli for over night. Day 2 - Leave Hubli and stay at...
  2. sabyasachi

    Coorg stay

    Hi all! Looking for a budget hotel to stay in Coorg in the last week of Dec. Remote location preferred, planning for a family trip. Budget is around 2.5k including meal
  3. N

    Exhilarating roadtrip from Mumbai to Coorg with my favourites (Dec 2019)

    ROADTRIP - one word that rings a bell and your heart is elated like a kid. And I finally got a chance to make good of this in December 2019. The Ultimate Loop Planning Roadtrips are an excellent opportunity to explore cities, towns, villages and sceneries which otherwise we miss out during...