1. Vrushali Surve

    The Dream Ride! Being a pillion through the mighty Ladakh on Duke 390.

    Although Ladakh has not remained inaccessible to various sorts of travelers, riding all the way up to 17000 mt. is not yet a cakewalk for a Duke 390 rider with a female pillion and with a riding couple's basic luggage. Nevertheless, we were determined to make our dream ride happen. Practically...
  2. Accidental Rider

    Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Hurray!!! Year end has come along with lean days at office and it time to travel Just like every December our kid has decided to spend her long vacation at our native with pets and it’s time for us to ride our White Rhino (Himalayan BS4) to some of its native location :D. After some discussions...