1. Vik M

    Cramster Kneeguard for sale - Mumbai Only

    Hello friends, Sold my bike so want to sell the Kneeguard which I have used only once during my Mahabaleshwar ride. For sale in Mumbai only. Item is listed on olx. Please follow the link; Bike Safety Kneeguard from Cramster. Used ONCE only
  2. Jitu Gadkari

    Tank bag /backpack selection

    Hello there, Need some help in selecting a bag for my Sol unicorn. My basic requirements are 1. The bag should hold FFH. 2. Can be used as a backpack. 3. It should hold luggage for 2-3 days ride. 4. Should serve my daily commuting purpose of handling books and some files. 5. Magnetic bag. NOTE...
  3. IceAge

    Cramster Drifter The Knee Guard

    This review will help all those who are looking for a Knee Gaurd in budget range which is equivalent to big price gaurds. Last year I was searching for best Knee Gaurd in budget range of Rs 1000 - 3000. But din't find any review of any of the knee gaurds in BCMT or internet. My friends were...
  4. Harishhari

    Riding jacket suggestion

    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm planning to visit Leh in June and July part by taxi, part by motorbike (driving around Leh, Nubra and Pangong). I have a lightweight cold jacket I use in NY which is somewhat sufficient in cold weather along with another sweater however it does not...
  5. Apoorv SHarma

    Full riding gear on sale

    Ever since I moved to Hyderabad, I am not doing many rides, so decided to sell all my gear. I bought the following gear for my Ladakh ride: Rynox Nomad V2.1 Saddle Bags No damage, few scratches on the inner hard side but that is just cosmetic issue, the bag is 100% waterproof and sealed. All...
  6. IceAge

    Knee Gaurd with in Rs2500

    Hi Guys, Please suggest me any good knee gaurd which covers shin bone as well. Like Mototech...But it's expensive. Have any body used Cramster Drifter or Bionic Knee Gaurd ?? Please advice...
  7. IceAge

    Cramster - Blaster Street Gloves

    As much as Riding Jacket is required for a riding, Gloves are also important. Previously I use to use Probiker Golves which initally riders use to get accustome too. I finalised the CRAMSTER BLASTER STREET GLOVES!! This finalisation was bases on research etc. After later mind won by the looks...