1. Hellrider

    Zero Bhp on The Tribal Belt of Himanchal - Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti

    Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit the enchanting landscape of Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti for 9 days, covering oddly 716 kms on my bicyle (Spartan). This report will provide a clear account of road conditions in the tribal areas of Himanchal and what lies within. The details are presented...
  2. manu_maverick

    Suggest a bike(cycle) under 20k

    Hi, i am going on an all india tour on cycle. Please suggest me cycle accordingly.
  3. manu_maverick

    solo cycle trip of India

    Hi, i am going to start my cycle tour to all the 29 states of india covering 15000 kms. I have finalized the route : Delhi - Jaipur -Indore - Gandhinagar - daman & diu - Dadra & Nagar haveli - Mumbai - Goa - Thiruvanantpuram - kanyakumari - puducherry - chennai - Banglore - Hyderabad - Raipur -...
  4. R

    Suggestions to buy bicycle

    Hi, Need to buy a bicycle for a daily usage of 6-8kms and on weekends about 25-30kms within city roads. Want to spend about 5k - 9k. Couple of things that I want are disc brake(s) and multi-speed. Thank you.