1. Raminder_Singh

    Chandigarh-Manali by car on 22nd December 2019 weekend

    Hi, I am planning to visit Manali from Chandigarh by car, will leave on 21st December. Please suggest if the road condition is fine via Bilaspur-Sundarnagar-Mandi route or should I take Una route? I don't have much off-road hill roads experience by car, have been there multiple times by bike so...
  2. B

    15 days in december end (solo)

    Hello guys, I am back :) I have about 2-3 weeks off from december 20 till jan 10. I can travel entire 3 weeks or just 10 days. What are some good solo travel places both India and outside India? Budget is not a constraint but trip should be relaxing and satisfying. I love mountains (but not...
  3. ßlåçk Pærl

    Ladakh in December- By Road

    Hello Friends, I am sure this won't be a new question in this forum. I am 100% determined to travel to Leh with one of my friend in December (22-31). I am sure 10 days won't be enough but I'm good even if it takes 8 days of travel and 2 days in Leh (Delhi-Leh-Delhi). I am completely aware of...
  4. Chander Dhingra

    Tungnath Ji/Chandrashila in the Last Week of December

    As we parked our car in front of Raju Bhai's hotel in Chopta it was Tungnath's first snowfall of 2016 and it was Christmas Day...Yes you are right the 25th December, which concerned us because snowfall usually starts in September here and this is called Global Warming. Further which saddened me...
  5. CrestlessWave

    Need suggestions for 5 days biketrip from Delhi in December Last week '16

    Hi All, I need suggestions of places near Delhi which I can consider of a long'ish road trip. We would be two riders, Classic 350 and FZ16, and can ride all day long if need be. Preference would be places in Himachal and Uttarakhand, and if possible, some close encounter with Snowy mountains...
  6. Kaboooooom

    Dec 19 - Dec 27, 2015 Trip Planning. Who wants to join. Volunteers welcome.

    The idea is for a willing and interested 'group' to utilize this upcoming holidays for some adventure. Hello Folks, Since many of us find our friends unavailable/unwilling for the time/trips when we can find the time and energy, I am posting this thread for like minded people to explore the...