delhi to kerala

  1. Highway Apostle

    Delhi To Kerala Road Trip D2K (West Corridor) By A Honda City

    Shalom to all the members. It's been quite a while that I have been absent. Went through a lot health wise but alive and kicking. Had a Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, High BP, Diabetes, Diabetic Feet, Gall Blader Stone, Chikungunya etc. To celebrate my life, I went on a roller coaster ride with my...
  2. joshinmartin

    Delhi Kerala Trip Help Needed

    Hi Brothers.. I'm new here .... We (me & wife) planning a trip to Kerala from delhi starting on December 16. we almost did backend works.. Bike: Dominar 400 Route: Gurgaon > Udaipur > Vadodara > Pune> Goa (stay 1 day) > Mysore > Kerala We will be taking most of NH48. Please help me if this...