1. D

    Mysore to Chardham Yatra May-2021

    Hi, We are a family of four travelling from Mysore, 2021 May13th to May 27 to Uttarakhand,Chardham yatra. Like minded family can join us. for more details contact me on 970 166 1030 Or we can make combined arrangements from Haridwar to chardhams. We are travelling by train from Mysore to...
  2. M


    Hi, Am planning to drive to Shimla (Hotel peterhoff) around 21-22 Dec. Weather reports indicate snowfall in hills during that time. Should I take volvo or own car will be fine? I have hill driving experience but never drove during/ after snowfall. Also, is the road upto Peterhoff ok for...
  3. CADA

    Road trip from Delhi to Gujarat (Dwarkadhish, Somnath) and Diu with family

    First of all, I would like to thank our great admin Mr. Yogesh Sarkar for giving all of us a platform to share our travel stories and stay connected. You are and you will always be a source of inspiration for all of us. You are being missed brother. I had been planning this trip for a while and...
  4. manishdelhi

    Cars and 4X4 SUV & Buses in Delhi

    To enjoy the sightseeing places in Delhi you will need hire a cars, there are many car rental service provider in Delhi but i recommended you State Express to hire a car, 4x4 suv and buses with driver at State Express they will provide you the best services. State Express also take great...
  5. seshadri

    Rent Motorbike for Spiti valley from Delhi

    Hi All, I would like to rent a motorbike (preference: Pulsar 200NS) from delhi to travel Spiti valley in october. Please suggest me from where I can get a good condition motorbike. Please be specific about shop name/person name.(I have already googled but didn't find any reliable option) Warm...
  6. Raminder_Singh


    Hi, We are 3 friends, planning to visit Hanle by bike from Delhi and Chandigarh (I am from Delhi and my 2 friends are from Chandigarh) from 29th September to 6th October, 2018. Here's the rough itinerary we have prepared: 28 Sept night- I'll leave Delhi and reach Chandigarh and stay with my...
  7. Jasgeet Kaur

    Around the country in 9 days: A road journey on the Golden Quadrilateral

    The beginning It all began with a wish. So it does, in most of the cases, right? The wish. The wish to explore the country on wheels. The wish to do it in one drive. The wish to drive on that way, before everyone else, literally everyone else does that, just like it is with Ladakh these days...
  8. K

    Bike Transport from New Delhi to Srinagar-Reg

    Hi, I am coming from Chennai and plan to take my bike to Leh Ladakh for my travel. My plan for transport is to send to New Delhi and from there take an overnight bus to Srinagar. The only buses that ply are by Jammu and Kashmir Transport Corporation(JKTC). Do these buses allow for bike transport...
  9. shayleehnetinka

    This is Shay Lee Hnetinka and how can make my best vacation?

    My name is Shay Lee Hnetinka and I'm just planning a vacation with my 4 Friends for 1 week, so what things to do in India, that could be make memorable for us, because we have no idea of best places, hotels and best budget, please help me guys to know, how can we make our best vacation in India?
  10. GurinderSingh1311

    Raipur to Chandigarh April 2018 road status?

    Hii Guys! I am going to travel from Raipur to Chandigarh in next few days, had few questions regarding which road to choose. Some points to keep in mind. 1) I am traveling alone. 2) Vehicle used is Swift car 3) Don't wanna drive at night. 4) Day 1: Raipur to Sagar. Night stay at Sagar ( need...
  11. V


    Hello, I have planned for a road trip starting from Hyderabad->Nagpur->Bhopal->Jhansi->Delhi->Manali ->Shimla->Agra->Bhopal->Hyderabad starting on 15 Dec 2017 by Ford Aspire sedan. with 4 adults & 2 kids. will be starting from hyderabad around 05:00 PM after office. (will be starting with wife...
  12. R

    Self Drive Car for Delhi-Ladakh-Delhi

    Hi, I am Planning for a road trip from Delhi To Ladakh and back during October 2018. I would need a self drive SUV from Delhi, preferably a White Board car to avaoid any trouble for traveling locally Ladakh. Can i get suggestions. it would be really helpful. Rohan
  13. joshinmartin

    Delhi Kerala Trip Help Needed

    Hi Brothers.. I'm new here .... We (me & wife) planning a trip to Kerala from delhi starting on December 16. we almost did backend works.. Bike: Dominar 400 Route: Gurgaon > Udaipur > Vadodara > Pune> Goa (stay 1 day) > Mysore > Kerala We will be taking most of NH48. Please help me if this...
  14. A

    Anybody travelling to ladakh from Delhi via srinagar route on Sept 13?

    Hi guys, I am a solo rider, leaving to Delhi today and tomorrow from Delhi am planning to rent a bike and travel to leh via srinagar and complete the circuit back to Delhi by manali route. Anybody travelling on this particular dates?
  15. deepu.bansal87

    2017- Delhi-Nainital-Mukteshwar Route

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with current suggested route for Delhi to Nainital to Mukteshwar ? Is Delhi-Moradabad-Tanda-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-Nainital in good state ? I remember there are certain bridges. Given the rains, that we have been having in north India for past few weeks, what is the...
  16. Lakshay Goel

    Leh ladakh in early June 2017

    Hi everyone, I am planning a trip to Leh ladakh in first half of June. Most probably around 9th June. We would most probably be two cars (duster and Brezza). I have prepared a rough iitenary for now. I would really appreciate it if people could help me with finalizing it. I am planning to go...
  17. smokinjoe

    Roadtrip from Delhi to Gangtok

    Hello All I m logging in here after a long long time so hope to find all of you in best of health. I am planning to do 10 Day trip from Delhi to Gangtok and back in my City VXMT I-Vtec. Has anyone attempted this before? If yes what route to take? Road conditions? Any help would be greatly...
  18. Sambak

    Delhi-Ladakh June 2017

    Hey Fellas!! It might sound a little early but i am really excited to share and get in touch with fellow Bikers on this.I have been solo riding for the past several years but despite my best efforts i could'nt touch the highest road for certain man made disasters and not to mention the nature...
  19. Wewake

    Any place within 100 KM of Delhi for Weekend Drive

    Need to know if there is any place worth of bike driving within 100Kms of Delhi. Do let me know if there is any beautiful, unique and quiet place. (Apologies for my poor English) Thanks
  20. R

    Golden Triangle - August 2016

    Hi all, Pre-tour planning can be found here I though I can update the above thread, but it was posted then in Itinerary forum and I cannot move the thread to this forum. Hence I am starting a new thread. Will update with pics shortly. I have to upload pics from mobile, so cant do it right...