1. sakshar

    Alto Almighty: 1.7 years and 60000 Km and counting

    Introduction: I have started motoring on four-wheels since last two years. Prior to that, my one and only love have been two -wheelers, which are still my preferred choice while riding on the wheels. However, I have been looking for a four-wheeler which can be used for commuting to office as...
  2. Shiva Sharma

    Delhi to South India By Road Jan 2017.

    Hello evryone, I am planning this trip in Coming Jan 2017 with my 2 brother on VERNA crdi 2012. We 3 are good driver. This Trip is Close To my heart. Looking here for experts to throw light on itinerary and route condition with some guidance (especially down south) on route and some of things to...
  3. torquedos

    The Pune Punter

  4. A

    Weekend trip to Hill Station near Delhi

    Hi, Please suggest a hill station near by to Delhi (300-400 kms), which should be an off beat place. Should also have good connectivity with Delhi and accommodation options should be mid range...need inputs for 4 days weekend itinerary. TIA
  5. Jagdeep Singh

    Need one partner for Gurgaon to Leh in Alto 800 , from 11 Aug evening

    Hi, We are 2 friend going to Leh in my Alto 800. We are leaving on evening of 11 Aug and will be back in Gurgaon on evening of 20Aug. We can accommodate one more person in our car. Our itinerary as as below. If you are interested, you can contact me at 9911574966.
  6. T

    Need help choosing a getaway(no hills) from delhi

    Hi I am new to this forum. I wonder if you guys can help me choose a getaway for 4-5 days from delhi. We(group of about 6-7 guys) are looking for some fun(mostly drinking :drinkers: & remembering college days O:)). But we are fed up of hill stations and do not want to see another mountain...
  7. M

    Suggestion needed on itinerary for Bike ride Delhi-Leh-Delhi

    Hi, I am Manoj, I have been reading articles and heard so many good feedbacks on Mr.Yogesh Sarkar for this wonderful BCMtouring portal. Now it's my time to get some help from you all. Please suggest best itinerary for 12 to 14 days bike ride from Delhi-Leh-Delhi. I have read so many articles...
  8. kushagra agarwal

    Lucknow - Delhi - Chandigarh-Leh bike trip

    Hey people, I am a 21 yr old guy from Lucknow and wanna do this amazing trip this summers i wanna leave in second week of june . I am doing this trip on the bike and want Travel partners . I will be going from srinagar side and returning from manali , we can discuss the plan further . So ping me !
  9. priyanka Kumar

    Biking Through Manali

    Biking Through Manali So, from a long list of the places to mark our footprints on, the " Fellow Traveler" and I finally pinned down Manali in February 2016 to explore together. Though we both had individually been there before... But I guess we wanted to revisit the place through...
  10. priyanka Kumar

    The Nanda Devi Fascination

    My interest to explore the real Incredible India started way long back as a teenager. But surely the fetish to get close to nature became more strong with a heavenly trip to Auli from Delhi via Rudraprayag with my "Fellow Traveler" and 8 other family members in the month April 2014. Day 1...
  11. Theloststory

    Mumbi - Rajasthan - 6400km over two months

    We recently spent over two months road tripping in Rajasthan, mostly for work. Since we had to take plenty of stopovers, research etc, we decided to drive down and keep the car with us. The trip, which was supposed to last a couple of weeks, stretched over two months, and we weren't even...
  12. N

    delhi to jabalpur

    HII friends, I want to go Delhi to jabalpur by car. please suggest me the best shortest route possible keeping in view of good road condition. Google map show 3 different routes, but not able to conclude which one to chose. Please help. Nipun
  13. Mr. Lee

    Olympus Mirrorless camera sensor cleaning in Delhi

    Hi. I am wondering if there is any Olympus service center for cameras in Delhi. Some saliva is dried up on the sensor and I desperately want to get remove them. If there is none, please recommend me good private service center and approx costs regarding sensor cleaning. Thank you.
  14. Nitish Kumar

    One more trip to National Zoological Park Delhi with kiddo

    NOT really sure that it would count in right category but posting about my short trip to National Zoological Park, Delhi. I been to National Zoological Park, Delhi in October 2014 after that unfortunate accident of White Tiger killing a man inside zoo, though since then another trip to the same...
  15. H

    Delhi to Jammu on the week of 26 Jan

    Friends I am planning a road trip to Jammu from Noida on the weekend of 26th Jan. I was interested if someone could tell me 1) the road condition 2) Safety and all , especially around border areas like Pathankot 3) Police harrassment on outside number 4) Tolls charges on the way. I would be...
  16. Nitish Kumar

    In search of snow: One more trip to Manali covering all seasons now

    Its tough to convince others that you are in your sane mind when choosing the same destination twice within six months despite of it being a costly affair for your finances. Leave others convincing co-travellers might be even more tough. But then I was set to do exactly the same thing. Why...
  17. Kaboooooom

    Dec 19 - Dec 27, 2015 Trip Planning. Who wants to join. Volunteers welcome.

    The idea is for a willing and interested 'group' to utilize this upcoming holidays for some adventure. Hello Folks, Since many of us find our friends unavailable/unwilling for the time/trips when we can find the time and energy, I am posting this thread for like minded people to explore the...