1. gauravtalan

    Suggestions: Spiti Circuit with my 2 year old daughter

    Dear all, I'm planning the spiti circuit this summer with my family. My 2 year old daughter will also be with us, so planning this in advance. I'm planning to start from Delhi around 15th June and will be driving a Renault Duster 85 ps. If Kunzum pass opens by the time I reach Losar, I will...
  2. gauravtalan

    Photoblog: Delhi-Goa-Delhi road trip

    I have been to Goa a couple of times by train taking the scenic Konkan route. The journey always fascinated me. What would the villages of this stretch look like? How about the beaches and backwaters? After planning for a few months, I finally decided to drive along the Konkan coast while taking...