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    I got permit for North/East Sikkim and Bhutan for self drive in my private car

    Hello friends, Just return back from self drive trip to East/North Sikkim and Bhutan in my private car from Pune. Big thanks to Yogesh Sarkar and noidea. Without your guidance this would not have been possible. God bless you guys. Now it's time to return back whatever I have taken from this...
  2. Point Zero

    Sunrise to Sunset in the Lap of Himalayas- Old Silk Route and Gnathang

    It is not the first time, but it is just another way of enjoying Sikkim at winter. My previous travelogue http://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/the-hidden-paradise-with-splendid-beauty-and-sparkling-lakes-%E2%80%93-arunachal.65681/ is not completed yet but another comes in the queue. ](*,) ...