1. S

    Pune to Indore By Road

    Hello there, I hope all are doing well. I am planning a road trip to Indore (Limbodi) in October 2020 from Pune (Aundh) in my Honda City. We'll be travelling with my 2 year old toddler. Please suggest best route considering : Travel time - considering I am leaving early morning at around 6...
  2. N

    Exhilarating roadtrip from Mumbai to Coorg with my favourites (Dec 2019)

    ROADTRIP - one word that rings a bell and your heart is elated like a kid. And I finally got a chance to make good of this in December 2019. The Ultimate Loop Planning Roadtrips are an excellent opportunity to explore cities, towns, villages and sceneries which otherwise we miss out during...
  3. Prateek Traveller

    Dubai family trip

    Hello globetrotters, I am planning for a Dubai holiday with my mom and dad in the last week of September. (24 - 30Sept.). Can anyone suggest a suitable itinerary and best places to visit during my stay? Since my parents follow a strict vegetarian cuisine can anyone suggest the must visit...
  4. Dev Dahiya

    Self Drive to Leh

    Anyone travelling to Leh on 28th may?
  5. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: Nainital - July 2015

    This is my first post on BCMT. Hope everybody enjoys this. Nainital has been my favorite hill station since childhood. Something about roaming around the lake, tibetan market, mall road, or just sitting on a bench watching the maelstrom of life going past you in all directions, has made it my...