1. CADA

    Road trip from Delhi to Gujarat (Dwarkadhish, Somnath) and Diu with family

    First of all, I would like to thank our great admin Mr. Yogesh Sarkar for giving all of us a platform to share our travel stories and stay connected. You are and you will always be a source of inspiration for all of us. You are being missed brother. I had been planning this trip for a while and...
  2. deba72

    Status of FASTag enabled toll plazas

    Last Saturday, I drove from Kolkata to Paradeep. Route taken was Kolkata-Kharagpur-Balasore-Chandikhole-Paradeep. On this stretch, there are approx 7/8 toll plazas and all of their names appear on the list of FASTag toll plazas. So these toll plazas were supposed to have dedicated lanes for...
  3. mahapatra.prabhanjan

    FasTAG on various routes

    Hi Friends, Recently while researching, I didn't find any dedicated info/thread related to various toll plazas equipped with FasTAGs facility. So thought of to start the thread so that it will help someone searching for FasTAG facilities. I will be updating it periodically and also invite all...