1. Soumya Goswami

    Need some information on air travel

    Hi, I will be travelling from Kolkata to Meghalaya in February'18 for 6N/7D trip and will return from Shillong airport by Air India flight. Now coming to the point, in the middle of the tour I shall collect/buy some flowering/ornamental plants for gardening purpose at my home. 1. Can I bring...
  2. AdityaDesai93

    Debut Travel to Ladakh ,Guidance Needed!

    This can be my first visit to Ladakh region , if you people help me through on what i've roughly planned. We are a group of 7-8 people , still waiting for few of my friends to confirm on their availability.Our budget is around 35-40K, Need to plan a atleast 10-12day trip in this budget along...