1. karun0035

    Karnataka Food Centre (KFC)

    Hi BCMT Fam, I would like to introduce to a place close to my heart due to many reasons (childhood mainly). First, it is near to the place where I spent my majority of childhood and teenager days. Second, I've not eaten the food (traditional) which can come close to its taste. For other...
  2. naveenchhillar

    Best food/ restaurants in Jodhpur & Jaisalmer ?

    We are going to a week long Rajasthan Trip in December. Would be spending 3 nights each in Jodhpur & Jaisalmer. Any recommendations for tried & tested food items in both the places on below scenarios: 1. Serves liquor 2. Serves non-veg 3. any speciality ? 4. open air, preferably. 5. suitable...
  3. S

    Weekend Trip - Salboni Retreat at Jhargram

    Sole and primary objective of this trip was to take rest and nothing else. Well, this was met and exceeded the expectation. We started the journey on 31st Dec’15 morning from Kolkata (Park Circus) at 8:15AM. We were not fortunate with the Kona expressway due an 18 wheeler’s breakdown on the...