ford endeavour

  1. K

    Ford Endeavour Performance in Leh

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a used Ford Endeavour 3.2 (4x4) AT Titanium Plus which is in good condition. One of my relatives has mentioned that he took Endeavour 2.2 4x4 AT to Leh a couple of years ago and it actually got stuck on higher altitudes (Khardungla, Changla) due to lesser oxygen. Can...
  2. Theloststory

    Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium AT 4X4 30k Km Review

    (The excellent Skoda Yeti 4x4 somewhere in the monsoons of Maharashtra. iPhone. Adobe Photoshop.) I have had a Skoda Yeti for close to 7 years and then Skoda decided to call it end of line. Waiting for the Karoq was taking forever and I wanted to sell the Yeti and get something else. But what...