1. S

    Honda City 2013 - Headlights Not Bright Enough

    Hello guys, I have a Honda City 2013 model and I have been using it for mostly city driving, seldom on highways and outside of city. After using it for so many years, I feel the OEM headlight is not bright enough. I of course am not talking about blinding the oncoming traffic, but the headlight...
  2. T

    Stator Rewinding

    Good Evening This is my first thread here on Stator Rewinding. I have read so many pages here and on other forums regarding headlight up gradations. I have successfully upgraded my Bajaj Discover 135's stator to pump more current from it after getting much needed information from this forum...
  3. naveenchhillar

    Headlamp for Classic 500 ?

    Friends, I have a C5 from past 6 years. Offlate, I have observed that the headlamp quality has reduced a bit. Can you guys suggest me a good headlamp that I can order online & then, install it. Requirements: 1. Don't need a White Light Lamp, as it created nuisance for vehicles from opposite...
  4. sk2211

    HH Karizma r headlight problem

    Hello friends, I own a zma 2008 model, recently my bike tipped over in a parking. The headlight bracket was bent. I made a wide search in most of the main HH Asc, none has that in stock. where can i get in Tamilnadu/ bangalore? any help is highly appreciated. secondly. I do long distance rides...