1. A

    Inputs needed for an Uttarakhand road trip

    Just signed up. Doing a road trip after many years. And so, a bit of a trepidation. But the excitement is more. Realised I need to prepare thru it in a more structured manner that just a Jio connection with Google maps. And so, shout out to anybody who has done it before. 1. May. 13 days...
  2. R

    Pune To Kolkata

    Dear Friends I am planning for a trip from Pune to Kolkata starting this Friday - 3rd Nov 2017 at around 1500hrs. We are 4 people travelling by Maruti Ciaz Petrol. It is a new car with only 600 km meter reading. I do have experience of long driving but max limit of 800 to 900 km in a day on a...
  3. O

    Bajaj Avenger mileage very low. Need Help!!

    Hello friends. I m an new rider learner. Recently purchased Bajaj avenger cruise 220 cc. Its still run in period and service is due in next 7 days. Currently I am getting mileage very low around 24-25 km/l (tested via reserve to reserve method). I am driving on average speed of 30-40 km/hr and...
  4. Joystan

    The Himalayan Ride 2017 itinerary help needed

    Hello All! I've been reading about experiences, tips and advices on and has been of a huge help planning and gathering inputs for my upcoming ride. Thank you so much for putting this site together and maintaining it. Let me introduce myself first, I'm Joystan Fernandes and...
  5. L

    Need advice on Hyderabad to Rishikesh road trip

    Hi I'm planning for a road trip on my bike from Hyderabad to Rishikesh in the last week of July, needed advice if it would be safe to travel now with the current weather conditions (as I have been hearing news of heavy rainfall and landslide in Uttarakhand). It would be great if you could help...
  6. navneet1986

    Need Help to form an Itinerary for Bhutan

    Hi Guys, Planning a road trip to Bhutan in the last week of April. Need help to form an itinerary. I just know a few places to cover like Thimphu, Punakha and Paro. Pls. suggest all the places that are worth a visit. Do we have any high altitude places in Bhutan also? Also how many days are...
  7. sk2211

    How to get full rally license in India ?

    Hello fellow riders, I'd like to get full rally license in India. Is there any off road training schools in bangalore ? searched FMSCI website, no clear clouds. My main intention is to participate in Raid de himalayas. any lead or senior's guidance is highly appreciated, TIA.
  8. sandeep.singhs

    First Time Experience : Shimla

    Hello Friends, I am planning a trip to Shimla from New Delhi (West) roughly between 10 Jan to 18 Jan 2016. I will be driving bike Pulsar 150. I am not new to hill driving as I drove once in Ooty . I will be going with my friend. Please guide me about the following points: 1) Distance 2)...