1. sayshh

    Sour Tal trek

    About me: I want to keep this post about the trek as much as possible. This is my first travelogue, or even a post on BCMT forum – please have some consideration for that, as you read along. So, it is warranted that I at least introduce myself – a professional in the IT industry having the...
  2. jjamwal

    Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul trip with Chandra Taal to Suraj Taal trek.

    This series of posts is a travelogue of my recent vacation covering Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul and Manali in 16 days. It was a solo trip for most part and involved travel on road, camping, trekking and just lazing around on different days. My previous trip to this region was in 2015 in which I...
  3. CrestlessWave

    Kareri Lake Trek (Himachal Pradesh)| Photo Feature and Information

    Kareri Lake, a little less explored place by usual crop of tourists, is situated near Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. In order to reach Kareri Lake, Dharamshala would be the base, from here take a taxi/bus to Ghera Village and from here it's 21 kilometers of mostly uphill trek. You do have very...
  4. pulsar56

    Hiking Mt. Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

    This is a short travelogue of my hiking trip to Mt. Rinjani. Sometimes, when age is fast catching up, one tends to start focusing on being able to achieve few difficult tasks and plan to be more fit for the days to come... and this is what exactly lead us to plan for a hiking trip from...

    Satopanth Trek- On the trail taken by the Pandavas.

    I call myself an avid trekker,but thats a debatable question as my friends argue that I am rather a pseudo one as I never accompany them on treks in The Western Ghats or to any nearby hill. However, trekking interests have always been inclined towards the Himalayas. My fondness towards them...