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  1. arjun_uberoi

    Delhi-Chitkul-Delhi - Weekend Ride - 42 Hours -1300 kms - BMW 310 GS

    Its been almost 8 years since my last travel post here. Glad to get back the mojo and here's my latest ride to Chitkul over a weekend. Ride Dates - March 11th-14th, 2022 Itinerary - > 2000 hrs - March 11th, 2022 - Departed from Delhi > 0700 hrs - March 12th, 2022 - Reached Narkanda (430 kms -...
  2. gauravtalan

    Trek to Churdhar Peak. A new route. Its only a 4 hour climb now!!

    That's right. It took me trekking of only 4 hours to reach Churdhar from where I parked my motorcycle. Churdhar is a popular trekking destination in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It was early winters (November) of 2021 and I wanted to go for a short ride on my Dominar 400 before I sell...
  3. J

    Himachal Trip - Dec 2021

    Dear friends, I am planning a trip to Himachal with family - 3 adults, 2 kids (5yr & 11yr). I plan to book a private taxi from Shimla. Rough plan: 19-Dec: Reach Shimla through Toy train, rest and explore local 20-Dec: Naldhera-Mashobra-Tattapani, O/n at Shimla (Is it advisable to do local s/s...
  4. sayshh

    Sour Tal trek

    About me: I want to keep this post about the trek as much as possible. This is my first travelogue, or even a post on BCMT forum – please have some consideration for that, as you read along. So, it is warranted that I at least introduce myself – a professional in the IT industry having the...
  5. gauravtalan

    Solo winter ride to Kharapathar - Tiuni - Purola circuit

    It was February 2020 and the coronavirus was something like China's problem and not ours. February is the perfect time to find some snow after just half a day's drive from Delhi. I was also looking for something like that. The plan was to see some snow, spend some time on a river's bank, visit...
  6. Sam231276

    Amidst the Corona Scare !!

    Hello Travellers... Hope you all are staying inside and safe... Here's something for all of you to enjoy during our Quarrantine Days. Let's talk less ...like really less..about the trip and share the pics and my Vlog link. Destination - Rohru - Chanshal Pass | Trip Dates - 8-10th March 2020 |...
  7. shashankjain16

    Road-trip to Spiti Valley in Duster AWD

    Brace yourself! This is my first post here and it is going to be a long one - but I am sure you will enjoy as I take you to this paradise on earth. Also, I have worked hard to capture the stunning beauty of this place in the videos which I have linked in each post - so do watch them too! Here...
  8. Alpha

    Saach Pass – Sa(a)ch me Bahut Mushkil hai

    Saach Pass, commonly referred to as Sach Pass, was a long cherished dream. A dream which began in the year 2012-13. A dream which was shared with Kashish Tandon a.k.a. Mindless Wanderer. We prepared to achieve this dream of crossing the mighty pass and set out in August 2013 to traverse through...
  9. K

    Road Condition of Jalori Pass

  10. jammbuster

    Ride to Chail, Himachal Pradesh - a photo log

    Hello hello helloooo, Finally we had completed our chail trip after lots of questions... So i thought of sharing my planned journey here .. may be it will helpful for others too.. Some teaser... Sent from my Redmi 4A using Tapatalk
  11. trivedidarshak

    Himachal Trip in May-June

    Planning to have a Himachal trip Post General elections with wife. This is likely to be leisure tripfor about 8-9 days. Need some suggestions to see which trip would be a better option considering May month weather conditions A) Mumbai - Delhi - Chandigarh - Mandi (Prashar Lake - I feel tempted...
  12. Sayantan.geo

    How Hashtags are destroying Chitkul

    The trip to Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh three years ago is still sweet in my mind, but the recent one barely a week ago is not so, because I see a change and it’s not a pleasant one- Let me explain. I visited Chitkul, the tiny village in the lap of Himalayas, first time in 2014 and then in 2016...
  13. Alpha

    Kamrunag Lake, Himachal

    Date of Travel: 23rd to 26th December 2017 Route Taken: Delhi – Sundernagar – Rohanda – Chindi – Jalori – Gushaini – Sundernagar – Delhi Total Distance covered: about 1150 kms It was the month of August in the year 2013 when I did a solo Himachal trip covering Janjheli, Bahu, Jibhi, Jalori...
  14. saurabhsabikhi

    In Nature’s Lap, Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh.

    A starlit sky giving me shelter A humming river by my side Cool gentle breeze brushing my face Feeling the warmth of the camp fire beside Away from all hustle bustle of the city Tucked-in lovingly in the nature’s lap, like a child. That’s what I felt when I visited this pretty little...
  15. Nitin Suri

    Trip Plan Help for Sarahan/Kalpa etc.

    Can you please help with information about going to the inner Himachal, like Kalpa, Sarahan etc.? The best time to visit and how to approach the (self) drive (with wife and a child). Is it a day journey or should I take a break, place to stay and visit around? In the case I need to make a...
  16. A

    roads in himachal be like govt should improve

    roads in himachal be like govt should improve
  17. sayonee

    In the land of Parvati and Shiva: Shrikhand Mahadev trek, July 2017

    I am back to this forum probably after 2 years! I definitely kept reading the posts but in terms of contributing, i have been a defaulter :-# So, let me try and make up for that with stories from my latest trek to this amazing world. Shrikhand Mahadev...a journey of whatnot! of rain and cloud...
  18. Yogesh Sarkar

    Off-beat Himachal with God as Navigator

    Prologue We mortals come out with brilliant plans, thinking, we will be able to stick to them and that way, we will enjoy our life. However, more often than not, it is God who has a plan enstored for us and it is that plan, which truly reveals to us the beauty of this world. Something similar...
  19. CrestlessWave

    Kareri Lake Trek (Himachal Pradesh)| Photo Feature and Information

    Kareri Lake, a little less explored place by usual crop of tourists, is situated near Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. In order to reach Kareri Lake, Dharamshala would be the base, from here take a taxi/bus to Ghera Village and from here it's 21 kilometers of mostly uphill trek. You do have very...
  20. R

    Help needed --- trip to Himachal Pradesh in Oct

    Hello, Me and my husband are planning a trip to Spiti Valley in October. 13-14 days. We have visited Uttarakhand twice and also Ladakh. This will be our first trip to Himachal. We want to avoid the crowds and seek more of mountains and prefer being away from civilization, in nature. I feel...