1. viveksheelsingh

    Solo Ride to Kinnaur - March 2018

    A bit of a hiatus (an year - give or take a month or two) in the riding schedule had ensued due to personal reasons, and I was intent on planning to ride solo again with a pressing sense of urgency. March of this year (2018), the opportunity presented itself and was grabbed with both hands -...
  2. Roxx

    Free halt/stay for bikers riding to/from Leh/Himachal..! (Private Room in Ahmedabad)

    Hello everyone... Roxx here from Ahmedabad, just renovated my room, got new tiles and so.. and i am thinking to help bikers by providing free stay or night halt at my home. I will try to provide free breakfast too, but cant promise as of now. Well, here it goes: -Room is on 1st floor with small...
  3. Alpha

    Kamrunag Lake, Himachal

    Date of Travel: 23rd to 26th December 2017 Route Taken: Delhi – Sundernagar – Rohanda – Chindi – Jalori – Gushaini – Sundernagar – Delhi Total Distance covered: about 1150 kms It was the month of August in the year 2013 when I did a solo Himachal trip covering Janjheli, Bahu, Jibhi, Jalori...
  4. R

    Kaza and Keylong in October 2018

    We plan to visit Kaza and Keylong in October 2018. Us and our 7YO daughter. Could someone help us with an itinerary and how to go about it. We will be travelling from Kolkata. It will be a 6 day trip including departure from Kolkata and arrival at Kolkata.
  5. ananth725

    Himachal in mid November..Shimla..Narkanda..Tirthan Valley & Manali

    Mountains. They have such an impact on you that, you’ll keep coming back for more. No number of hill trip is more. So this time I set off for a Himachal trip with my family. I have always wanted to take my parents up north and I finally did. Some picture starters before the writeup..
  6. V


    Hello, I have planned for a road trip starting from Hyderabad->Nagpur->Bhopal->Jhansi->Delhi->Manali ->Shimla->Agra->Bhopal->Hyderabad starting on 15 Dec 2017 by Ford Aspire sedan. with 4 adults & 2 kids. will be starting from hyderabad around 05:00 PM after office. (will be starting with wife...
  7. mpsrandhawa

    A trip down to the memory lane- 2013 Manali travel

    A trip down to the memory lane- 2013 Manali travel
  8. ananth725

    Himachal suggestions needed

    Greetings everyone. I have previously visited Himachal a few times. But one can never get tired of the hills. So planning another one with a family of 5 (4 adults and an infant). Was looking forward to cover Theog, Narkanda, Banjar, Naggar and maybe Manali. I can start from Manali or Shimla...
  9. deepu.bansal87

    Spiti - Second Time- 10 days - What to Focus

    Hi All, I will be again travelling to Spiti from Aug 31st to Sep 10th 2017. Last time I went there in 2015, It was a relaxed trip with no hurries but still missed few important places like Gue Monastery, Dhankar Lake (Tried but could not find :confused:) and most importantly Pin Valley (Road...
  10. jjamwal

    Bus options for Delhi-Shimla-Sarhan

    I plan on taking a night bus from Delhi to Shimla. Then a bus from Shimla to Sarhan. What are my options ? http://www.hrtchp.com/hrtctickets/ websites has a Saraha not Saahan. Will Jeori work ? Even then the website keeps on giving some errors every now and then making it extremely difficult...
  11. Yogesh Sarkar

    Off-beat Himachal with God as Navigator

    Prologue We mortals come out with brilliant plans, thinking, we will be able to stick to them and that way, we will enjoy our life. However, more often than not, it is God who has a plan enstored for us and it is that plan, which truly reveals to us the beauty of this world. Something similar...
  12. M

    Need help to plan 'Anandpur Sahib' + Triund itinerary

    Hi, 2 of us a trip to 'Anandpur Sahib' + Triund. I need your help with the questions (marked in bold), and your opinion on which option you'd recommend. Thanks a lot for your help! Itinerary Option 1 14 April : 10:30 Land in Chandigarh Airport, take a cab to the bus stand...
  13. Ishant Sharma

    Winter Ride To Spiti Valley On Activa-125

    Hello Everyone, Greetings! I am Ishant Sharma from Meerut, U.P. Recently I did a trip to spiti valley on my Activa-125 with a fellow traveler from 15th march 2017 to 21st march 2017. This was my first trip with a total stranger. Here are a few glimpses of my trip. Hope you guys will like it! I...
  14. Ishant Sharma

    Spiti Valley Till Kaza Ride

    Hello I am a solo traveller riding on my Activa-125 on around 15th March, if anyone would like to join me can message me on my contact number. It will be 6-7 days trip...4 days to reach kaza and explore 5 & 6 days to reach home. My starting point is Meerut. Day-1 Meerut to Narkand Day-2...
  15. deepakdilme

    My Motorcycle rides and Travel tips | Videos |

    Friends creating this thread to showcase my motorcycle rides and travel tips In form of videos from All over India.Hope you all will enjoy the videos...cheers. Here's first one from my All India ride A teaser
  16. A

    Solo Backpacking to Chitkul

    Hi, I am planning a solo backpacking trip to Chitkul next weekend. Need help regarding itinerary and lodging. I am planning to leave Delhi on 21st Oct (evening) via bus. 1. First of all, is it advisable to visit chitkul during 21- 25 Oct? 2. I have this itinerary in mind. Is this reasonable...
  17. mps.23

    Hot Humid Silent vs Cool Misty Calm:Parvati Valley

    Any guesses for the topic header ! Well, it refers to the weather conditions :) It was really Hot and Humid here in Punjab. Patiala and Amritsar to be precise. With no winds, the silence of no airs blowing accentuated the dreary weather, not to mention aggravating the already hot summers. The...
  18. F

    1,700 km, 10 days, 6 rivers, 4 valleys and 2 passes later…

    Whoever said “all the best laid plans of mice and men go awry” was probably predicting what would happen to our plans to travel to Spiti. Our plan did not go awry but it did change in unexpected ways. It all started out with a phone call to my longtime friend (and BCM’er), Indian Traveler (IT)...
  19. Sudersan

    Spiti Happened....!

    One hot day in May '15 i had a random thought.. Why not celebrate my birthday in Pangong Tso, with complete strangers for company and not one known soul....... A wise man once said, "life is what happens when we are busy planning something else"! True, if u d ask me..! The Milky Way spreading...
  20. mps.23

    Exploring and Discovering Manali .

    Went to Manali last in 2014. Have been there before too, but this time we decided to deviate from the obvious and the cliched places Manali is famous for and what everybody does in routine here. So we decided to head and move to unseen places by us before and do in Manali what we never did...