1. roadhunter

    Journey of 3 corporate jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)

    Journey of 3 corporate Jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019) Like most of you readers out there, I was also busy with my day to day activities since the start of 2019. Start the day by using my time & energy to earn bread by being a corporate joker ( 9 to 6 job), spending evenings with...
  2. V


    Hello, I have planned for a road trip starting from Hyderabad->Nagpur->Bhopal->Jhansi->Delhi->Manali ->Shimla->Agra->Bhopal->Hyderabad starting on 15 Dec 2017 by Ford Aspire sedan. with 4 adults & 2 kids. will be starting from hyderabad around 05:00 PM after office. (will be starting with wife...
  3. Calcuttan

    Roopkund Trek

    In the first week of June this year I went for a trek to Roopkund in Uttarakhand. I was fairly impressed with my performance at age 52+ and completed the trek without any injury or major health scare. Thought might as well write about my experience, if it inspires anyone to go. Roopkund, as the...