1. karthik.p.543

    Riding Himalayan to the Himalayas - Sikkim & Bhutan

    Hello Riders & Travelers, CAUTION : "LONG STORY AND RAW IMAGES STRAIGHT FROM MY MOBILE PHONE AND DSLR" 4977.3 km to be precise... 17 days... 3 people... 3 machines... 1 puncture... "n" number of visits to mechanic... This is how i can summarize my recent ride to Sikkim and western Bhutan...
  2. katrenikhil

    Royal Enfield Himalayan - Ownership experience

    I recently bought the new Royal Enfield Himalayan. This is a very brief review of the bike after completing 1000kms. I had been happily riding my Thunderbird for the past 6 years, which took me to various places including Ladakh. However, the machine had gotten old after 80K kms of riding and...
  3. Anuj Jindal

    Need Saddle Bag and crash guards for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    Please suggest which saddle bag fits properly on Royal Enfield Himalayan. Also looking to get leg gaurd / crash guard for hiamalayan.

    Satopanth Trek- On the trail taken by the Pandavas.

    I call myself an avid trekker,but thats a debatable question as my friends argue that I am rather a pseudo one as I never accompany them on treks in The Western Ghats or to any nearby hill. However, trekking interests have always been inclined towards the Himalayas. My fondness towards them...