1. suprit_dutta

    Dream > Plan> Fulfilled - Ladakh 2015

    June 5th 2015 is the day that i will remember through out my life , a day when i fulfilled my longtime dream of riding to Ladakh. I waited for a year to write the TL so that i can relive the moments once again . To Start off i would like to thanks BCM Touring and all the members for the help...
  2. A

    Suggestions for solo travel to the Himalayas

    Hello Everyone! Need some suggestions around places and activities for a solo trip I have planned for myself in September. I have decided to quit my so called high-flying job and take a chance with life. It's too short to waste just like that. Hence, the idea of undertaking a solo trip to meet...
  3. N

    Rupin Pass Trek 4-12 June 2016

    Hi guys, we are 3 friends heading for Rupin at the start of this season. Hoping to find more like minded and regular trekkers who are prone to high altitude treks. We have the guide and porters all sorted for the trek but the minimum count that he wants is 6-7 people. Interested people can drop...
  4. Equations

    A 'Holi' Ride to Frozen Spiti

    Same man, same machine at the same place after 11 years.
  5. castus

    असीम (Boundless)

    In our society, it is not that easy for a woman, living with her family, to attempt a solo trip. Especially when the itinerary included some very remote villages in the Kashmir valley. Something no regular tourist will ever imagine doing. This is a chronicle of one unplanned and barefoot trip to...