1. flaxman12

    A very good hotel on way to Nainital in Kathgodam

    a VERY GOOD HOME STAY TYPE HOTEL SITUATED NEAR KATHGODAM RAILWAY STATION near river .owner is a nice person .charges are 1000 per person .u can stay here to enjoy nature of nearby jungle ---mobile number of is 9675739411 Mr. Islam
  2. M

    Hotel Sach Pass, Bairagarh

    Hotel Sach Pass It is located on Tissa-Bairagarh road, a few kilometre before Bairagarh. We had lunch at their adjoining restaurant. Apparently, it had many rooms, although we did not inspect any. It also has OYO affiliation. Contact : Mr. Rakesh Kuma 9817700011
  3. Davind3r

    Personal recommendations for hotel in Manali

    Hi All, I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend a hotel or two in Manali for * 3-4 nights from this coming Sunday * Close walking distance to attractions * Room service * For a couple * Budget 3-4-5 thousand a night Also, I would we travelling by own car from Ludhiana to Manali, so...
  4. kolkatarider

    Staying Option

    Can somebody please tell me a budget hotel in Daspalla, Odisha or Bhanjanagar Odisha around Rs 1000 which I shall be needing on 11 Nov, 17? Thanks.
  5. sabyasachi

    Paseer Land Guest House, Changspa Road, Leh

    Paseer Land GH is situated in Changspa Road, a very well known place for Ladakh lovers. In my video, you may have noticed that I have mentioned Paseer as HOTEL instead of Guest House! Because I have found Paseer is no more less than a good quality hotel. I was quoted Rs 1200/- per nigt & then I...