1. HighwayRanger

    Kanpur to Sattal route advice and road conditions required please.

    Hi all. My wife and I are driving to Sattal from Hosur (TN) mid January. The route we intend to take is as follows. Hosur > Hyderabad > Nagpur > Jabalpur > Kanpur > Sattal. Any information on the road conditions, accommodation (preferably on the bypass roads), and anything particular to be noted...
  2. gauravtalan

    4 weeks, 6 trips: Pearls around Hyderabad

    I spent my entire last month attending a training programme in University of Hyderabad. Due to the hectic schedule of the course, we only had the Sundays free to travel around. With only four weekends in hand, I decided to rent a motorcycle and venture out of the city on day trips not too far...
  3. Nani

    Weekend Holidays - Planning for Ananthagiri Hills

    Hi Team, 3 days holidays coming up this weekend, so planning for a short trip to Ananthagiri hills. I need some suggestions from the team. Is it a good time to visit Ananthagiri hills. If yes to the above, What are the must see places there. Please suggest any less explored and worth...
  4. D

    Nagpur to Hyderabad Road status

    Planning to bring Hyundai Eon from Nagpur to Hyderabad. Can anyone confirm the most recent road status and where i should be more careful. Heard a lot about roads between Hinganghat and Adilabad.
  5. R

    Golden Triangle - August 2016

    Hi all, Pre-tour planning can be found here I though I can update the above thread, but it was posted then in Itinerary forum and I cannot move the thread to this forum. Hence I am starting a new thread. Will update with pics shortly. I have to upload pics from mobile, so cant do it right...
  6. debashis.karmakar

    Places around Hyderabad

    We (Shubham-Son, Deba - Myself, Karabi - my better half, SDK) have moved to Hyderabad from Pune around a year back. Initially we were missing all the weekend gateways that we had near Pune. But after some exploration we have found that every place in India is worth to explore. We (Myself and...