1. Nayan Nilank

    Tawang itinerary

    Hello, We are planning a trip to Tawang in March. We have planned below itinerary: 13th March : Land in Gauhati at 9am, travel to Tenga, stay overnight 14th March : Tenga to Tawang 15th March : Tawang local 16th March : Tawang to Zemithang, night stay in Zemithang 17th March : Zemithang to...
  2. T

    ILP to Tawang

    hi, Need info on procuring inner line permit for Tawang. I read from other posts about getting permits either directly in guwahati or through post in Delhi. No info on what are the proofs to be submitted for kids. In this case we dont have passport/Aadhar will school Id work? Appreciate if...
  3. sanuroxz

    Into the Tribe

    Aane Me : Are there tigers in the forest? Aane : These days they are very few.. Me : Where they all went ? Aane : Before so many years there is a big fiery tiger and a wild cow..Tiger used to attack the cow every time...Tiger loved to jump on the cow and used to bite its neck and scratched all...